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How to Use the TipprBot on Twitter

Hi Hallyu Fans!!! 🤗

You may have noticed our account on Twitter engaging in some fun stuff like this.

In the example above, Twitter user Mike liked one of our tweets and wanted to tip us… so he told Tipprbot to send us one dollar worth of BCH.

BCH is Bitcoin Cash (make sure you don’t confuse it with Bitcoin BTC).

Tippr on Twitter

How to Use the TipprBot on Twitter?

Very easy!

Send a direct message (DM) to the @TipprBot

The message you have to send is the one word “deposit

The bot will reply with a series of random numbers. Do NOT panic. You don’t have do anything with these numbers.

Deposit BCH

Once @Tipprbot replies to your DM, that means you’re all set up and ready to receive tips.

To practice, find a Twitter user who can send you BCH as a tip. The @HallyuWebsite account on Twitter often has a few cents’ worth of BCH and will send you some if you ask.

What the @HallyuWebsite account will do is find one of your tweets she likes and publicly reply to your tweet with something like this:

$0.88 @tipprbot

That tells the @tipprbot to transfer 88 cents from HallyuWebsite’s account to yours.

To check that you received the BCH, DM the following command to the bot: “balance”

The bot will reply via DM how much BCH you have.

Tippr Bot Command

Yes, that is your BCH, which you can use for a lot of things!

There are people on Twitter running games that offer free BCH. One that we’ve tried and seen work is the following:

You just make that retweet and reply in the thread to him that you have the @tipprbot set up, and he’ll send you $1 worth of BCH.

Here’s another one. He’s offering 2 USD to get you started!

The purpose of tipping is to show your appreciation for the tweets or people that you like on Twitter… so if you can get your oppars and unnies to use this, you can use your BCH to tip them as well.

* Who knows? This could eventually free your idols from slave contracts! Because you can send them $$ directly.

Anyway, have fun collecting and tipping with Bitcoin Cash. If you have any questions, the @HallyuWebsite account on Twitter will be happy to help you find answers. 😊

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